Changes in the new version:

  • The movement of the bank’s buy and sell prices is not limited anymore, allowing a share to really drop if nobody cares for some time. This might distort the market a little stronger (especially over night) as long as there are so few players active for now, but I think this is the way it should be when there are more people playing and I really need to try it during the beta test.
  • Adjustment of the final price after a transaction now fully depends on the volume of the transaction compared to the amount investors currently holding the same share. Meaning: Assuming the price is at 500 and you sell 100 for 510 and all other investors hold 1000 altogether. The difference in price is 10 and you hold 10% of all stock, so the final prices after your transaction is 501.
  • A news ticker is available on the start of the app, currently announcing the prices the bank pays for all the shares of all teams you still own at the end of the competition. This should encourage investors to now buy the team they think will most likely win.
  • The nickname is now synchronizing properly in the preferences.