Zerga (Nils) [36m] born near Bremen, Germany. After receiving his diploma in Computer Science and working in R&D for NEC Network Labs, he is now Software Architect in Zurich, Switzerland. He is interested in exploring new technologies, reading about research done in the fields of computer science, astronomy and physics and traveling to new places around the globe to learn from different cultures. His creativity is expressed in photography, DJing and making as well as playing computer games, and there are  games likeWorld of Warcraft, and you can get gold online as well, learn more here.

Jime (Jimena) [31f] born in Gijon, Spain. After her diploma in Biology and working as intern at German Cancer Research Center in Heidelberg, Germany, she finished also her Masters in Sustainability at Kungliga Tekniska högskolan in Stockholm, Sweden. She is interested in new ways of combining nature and human progress, traveling to exotic countries and spending time with people as well as animals. Her creativity is expressed in making music.