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NZ road safety ad

I came across this road safety ad about a year ago and apparently wanted to post it here but forgot. Now I found it in my drafts and watched it again. I still think the idea is brilliant, since it gets the message across very effectively without the shocking blood and gore – so let’s finally put it up here!

Duality Ad for Honda Civic

Normally I avoid posting advertisements, but this time I believe I have to. A video ad for Honda Civic called “The Other Side”. At first I thought I am watching a normal clip for yet another car I won’t buy, but you can hold down the “R” key any time to switch to the other side… and suddenly you are being told a rather interesting story: this guy at night turns out to live a second life… very well done!

Click to play video

Auralfloat #3: Verzasca

While I have been near Lago Maggiore in Ticino, the Italian part of Switzerland, I have also been going up the stream of one of the rivers – leading into the Verzasca Valley. And by “going” i mean “driving”. Anyway… After a while you find yourself in front of a cement wall: the Contra dam. Wait a second, I know that sight: From this dam James Bond took his famous bungee jump in Goldeneye! In fact you can even do the jump yourself if you dare. Even though i just posted all those adventurous things i would like to do some day, bungee jumping was not one of them.

Contra dam aka the favorite place for Bond to Bungee Jump

Instead I continued going up the river, beyond the enormous artificial lake of the dam, and I reached a wonderful river bed carved into solid granite near a very old roman bridge. Wow. What a sight! Around this river you can climb along the rocks from one small stream to another. Near the bridge you see the mountains in the back and the water is flowing very slowly and is several meters deep. Some small streams go all around the rocks so it may very well happen that were you climb along would turn out to be a dead end after a while because you cannot cross the water except by swimming. Continue reading

Auralfloat #2: Ticino Summer Walk at the Lake

You are now invited to join me on a late afternoon walk along the lake of Locarno, Switzerland. It is the beginning of June and after a completely overcast day around 5pm the sun came out and bathed the trees on the esplanade in a warm light. People came out from cafes to take a walk in t-shirts or ride their bikes along the lake. Once in a while you can hear some waves hitting the stones when a boat came by a little bit further out on the water. Continue reading

Mix Released: Zerga – Tanz in den Mai 2011

One year has passed since i published the last mix. And it was also on the 1st of May. Well, this time it’s a little bit later – but: I actually started working on it on the weekend of the 1st. So consider this my yearly contribution under the subject “Dance into May“.

This time i collected many very different tracks over the course of the year which i wanted to put together in one only mix. This i consider the perfect combination or “mixtape” if you will, for work or travel even though it was not that easy to jump through all the different styles. But i did not want to leave any of the pieces out.

So, I started with some of the most impressive ambient sounds i have ever listened to. One of them is by Lisa Gerrard, who in my opinion has the most amazing voice on this planet. I mean chill-down-the-spine-every-single-time kind of amazing! I really suggest you to look up some live concert’s clips on youtube if you don’t know her yet. Those sounds then will soon fade into some progressive house which climaxes in a pushing dubstep. After that the mix keeps flowing nicely up and down the electro/progressive and even minimal house line until it finishes with an excellent chillout track – which is kind of my favorite tune in the last couple of months.

You can download or stream the mix on the Music section of my blog. All I am asking is to please give me feedback on what you think about this journey of my favorite tracks of the past 365 days.


Download or Stream in the Music section

Here is the playlist:

´╗┐Bluetech – Worthy
Dead Can Dance (Lisa Gerrard) – The Host Of Seraphim
Cell – Floating Retention
Solar Fields – Introduction
Ten Madison – Humans
Trentemoller – Beta Boy
Dousk – Lein (Original Mix)
Tonecast – Murder Fingerprints (Original Mix)
Daniel Portmann – Virtual Suicide (Original Mix)
Noisia – Machine Gun (Spor Remix)
The Madison – Liquid Sky (Original Mix)
Evren Ulusoy & Sezer Uysal – Are You Deaf (Cid Inc Remix)
EE2 – Suddle Movements (Brian Kage Remix)
Ricky Ryan – Flower Bomb (Kobana And Mario Hatchet Remix)
Pleasurekraft – Tarantula (Original Mix)
Darin Epsilon & Paronator – Esperanto (Original Mix)
Trentemoller- Late night cab driving
Bodytemp – Kalm (Original Mix)
Carbon Based Lifeforms – Epicentre (Second Movement)
Secede – Leraine

Epic Common Awesomeness

There are some things that we all have in common… Bobby McFerrin is demonstrating this on the World Science Festival 2009, by making the audience spontaneously sing together without explicitly telling them what to do. As he said, this works no matter where on earth he is trying this. I also like the comment in the end “what the hell just happened?” and am smiling even without knowing the answer…

Magazine Cover Creation Timelapse

This is an impressive display on how much detail and effort hides behind the creation of a magazine cover.

World Trip Inspiration

If i ever go on a world trip (and i hope i will soon) then it should be clear what i am going to do to share with everyone afterwards! These guys are my favorites so far…



What would you do if you went on a world trip?

P.S.: I know those have been around the net for quite some time. I never really mentioned them though – so here is the long due respect…

Her Morning Elegance / Oren Lavie


Infographic Coins

Coins that visually give you an idea about their value especially if combined with other coins – good idea. Better idea in the comments though: to have them being magnetic so you can collect them on your fridge. Funny, that people worry about the magnetism damaging your usb stick or sim card… geez… i am more worried about my clothes getting cut by those sharp edges!

via Yanko Design

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