One year has passed since i published the last mix. And it was also on the 1st of May. Well, this time it’s a little bit later – but: I actually started working on it on the weekend of the 1st. So consider this my yearly contribution under the subject “Dance into May“.

This time i collected many very different tracks over the course of the year which i wanted to put together in one only mix. This i consider the perfect combination or “mixtape” if you will, for work or travel even though it was not that easy to jump through all the different styles. But i did not want to leave any of the pieces out.

So, I started with some of the most impressive ambient sounds i have ever listened to. One of them is by Lisa Gerrard, who in my opinion has the most amazing voice on this planet. I mean chill-down-the-spine-every-single-time kind of amazing! I really suggest you to look up some live concert’s clips on youtube if you don’t know her yet. Those sounds then will soon fade into some progressive house which climaxes in a pushing dubstep. After that the mix keeps flowing nicely up and down the electro/progressive and even minimal house line until it finishes with an excellent chillout track – which is kind of my favorite tune in the last couple of months.

You can download or stream the mix on the Music section of my blog. All I am asking is to please give me feedback on what you think about this journey of my favorite tracks of the past 365 days.


Download or Stream in the Music section

Here is the playlist:

´╗┐Bluetech – Worthy
Dead Can Dance (Lisa Gerrard) – The Host Of Seraphim
Cell – Floating Retention
Solar Fields – Introduction
Ten Madison – Humans
Trentemoller – Beta Boy
Dousk – Lein (Original Mix)
Tonecast – Murder Fingerprints (Original Mix)
Daniel Portmann – Virtual Suicide (Original Mix)
Noisia – Machine Gun (Spor Remix)
The Madison – Liquid Sky (Original Mix)
Evren Ulusoy & Sezer Uysal – Are You Deaf (Cid Inc Remix)
EE2 – Suddle Movements (Brian Kage Remix)
Ricky Ryan – Flower Bomb (Kobana And Mario Hatchet Remix)
Pleasurekraft – Tarantula (Original Mix)
Darin Epsilon & Paronator – Esperanto (Original Mix)
Trentemoller- Late night cab driving
Bodytemp – Kalm (Original Mix)
Carbon Based Lifeforms – Epicentre (Second Movement)
Secede – Leraine