On the 25th of May 2011 I started a new experiment: I will continuously create blog posts consisting of at least one picture taken and one sound file recorded by myself. As often as possible I will try to write a short description on what you see and hear and maybe even add a google maps location. These entries will be tagged as “auralfloat” for you to find them quickly. After a certain amount of those publications and after they reach quite some visibility at the public, the best of those entries will be collected right here. Most likely I will determine the rank according to how often visitors clicked on the like button.

Until then you can read up and listen and dream to all the project entries tagged auralfloat which I have published so far. Do not forget to vote for your favorite entries by liking them!

Instructions: There is only one thing you should keep in mind when listening to the audio recordings. They only give you the intended experience with headphones. Also keep in mind that all recordings have not been amplified. What you hear is the original volume exactly the way I heart it when I was there. Some sounds might seem too low but in relation to all the other recordings they have the correct volume.

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