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New House Mix released in the Mixes Section

Same procedure as every year: I have just finished uploading a new house mix into the mixes section! As you might know, once per year I try to build a mix, that contains those tracks that I found the most interesting during the course of the year. Of course, the resulting mixes might be a tiny bit odd when it comes to style consistency, but I personally like listening to all my favorites in a row and I thought why not share those with you. This time I called it “In The Sand House” because it has a certain house vibe that I remember from beach parties several decades ago. As usual the mix starts with a soft intro track into the sunset and grows more powerful up until the second half. Then it turns more underground towards the end, where it concludes with a typical sunrise track.

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New Progressive House Mix: Do You Come With Me


After 2 years (!) of abstinence I finally found the time to release a new progressive house mix today containing a lot of tracks that i have been listening to while programming these days. This one is very much on the progressive side of house and techno with even a little bit of trance. Just one hour long but packed with energy and hopefully joy for you to listen. Head over to the Music section and download it right away. Feel free to leave comments, questions and feedback! All tracks can be purchased from Beatport. There is also a playlist available if you are interested (giving credit where credit is due). Oh and the picture is as usual from one of my trips, this time: Madagascar. Enjoy!

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My latest mix release: Write Your Own Stories


This latest mix of mine is a compilation of everything produced in the year 2012 within the ranges of progressive and technoid tracks which I really enjoyed listening to (and still do). Naturally, I began the mix with some minimalistic intro and ended it with chillout… and in between… Yeah, that’s the stuff: I kind of came back to my style of 2006 which was a lot more pushing forward than what I have mixed lately (check it out in the music section).

Well, just kick back, headphones on and enjoy! I hope it gets you inspired and full of energy…

Nuff words. Take me to the download!



GEMA killed Space Night

Let me explain: Nearly 20 years ago or something, there was no TV shows during the night in Germany. Statics. Nothing. Space Night started to be one of the few exceptions, which was showing satellite footage of earth paired with downtempo and soft electronical music. It became a great success among party-goers and actually inspired me a lot to produce chillout tracks myself in the years around 1998. So even though I am not watching it anymore (I don’t receive the TV channel BR anymore where I live), I have kind of an emotional connection to this show…

That said, it makes me really angry to hear, that Space Night might get cancelled or at least changed because of the increasing GEMA fees. Something like seven-digit figures per year. WTF!

Some have already suggested, that Space Night should play music that is published under Creative Commons and if this is the step they would like to go for, I hereby offer some of the tracks I have produced to their program for free. I feel it’s the least I can do: giving something back to a show that inspired me so much…

P.S.: Even the name of my section “auralfloat” is inspired by Space Night.

New Mix: Minimal Hovering

There is a new mix for download in the Music section. This time, I started out to be very minimal. The first couple of tracks I really love, mainly because of their fresh and unconventional underground feel. The pace increases after about 1/3 of the way and becomes a little more progressive and even a bit big room, taking a few turns into the melodic and then in the last third of the mix it goes down until ending up in my obligatory chill-out zone. It is roughly 1 hour and 45 minutes long, so take your time to enjoy the beast in its whole without interruptions. There are a lot of different styles covered within. It is again a mix of all the tracks I liked listening to the most in the past couple of months. I must admit, it was not easy to get them all working together this time and you might notice the fades are a little bumpy in the last half, but I just wanted to get all of them into one mix because they are just awesome. Hope you enjoy!

Direct download: here.

More mixes: here.

More mixes just went online

Browsing around my old mixes recently, I found two quite old ones from the years 2006 and 2007 that I just have to publish! One is called E-Lounge and the other one Springbreak. I have been listening to them while working today and although it is now nearly 6 years ago when i made them, I was surprised how fresh and full of energy they went… and I made myself a rule that all mixes that I am still listening to today, I will keep on my blog – so here you go…

Check out my music section, scroll down to the very bottom and download them right away! Feel free to get the other ones while you are at it as well (if you haven’t done so already) and don’t forget to leave some feedback!

Orbital Uplift (Float and Fall)

I have a new ‘mixtape‘ for you guys! This time it contains my favorite tracks of the past few months. I had them in a kind of heavy rotation while working, and now i put them together in a sequence.

I like to imagine it is going up like a rocket into the orbit in the beginning where suddenly (at around half of the mix) you stop moving and just kind of float around in zero gravity until you drop back down to earth (in the last 12mins). So it is kind of chillout with some energy boost here and there.

Hope you enjoy!! Don’t forget to provide some feedback in the comment section…

Listen now…

Sequence on Steam feat. Ronald Jenkees

Yay! I just accidently found a game called ‘Sequence’ on Steam! Wait. Steam has what now?! Ok, from the start: I love the indie game releases this year, so i regularly check what’s on Steam. And there it was featured today: Sequence is one of those rhythm games that are flooding the market lately (most prominent example would probably be Guitar Hero). I am actually not so very impressed by this gameplay idea in general and the fact that it combines RPG elements with the timing of direction punching on the keyboard or gamepad is not the reason why i mention it here. No, the real reason is that it is featuring music by Ronald Jenkees and this guy is just genius! I have been watching his performances with the synthesizers quite some time ago on youtube and was always thinking about ordering one of his CDs. You can see that he just loves what he is doing when improvising along his sequencers. And now that I just found out that he obviously contributed some tracks to this game, i have basically no choice but to support him finally – with the tiny price of 3.59EUR (its 10% off right now) there is absolutely no reason to hesitate! If you would like to know who Ronald is and what’s his music like, here is my favorite track:

Hey You! What Song are you Listening to?

People (like me) are running around with their headphones on and their eyes on the phones all the time. Especially commuting to and from work is kind of boring if you have no music in your ears  and sometimes even spooky because you realize that nobody is talking to anyone at all. Why not break the silence and ask those people what they are listening to? I find this idea inspiring and the answers sometimes even surprising:

Dubstep is the new Straight

Totale Koerperbeherrschung, absolut unerschuetterliche Ausdauer und musikalisch grossartigster Geschmack – all dies sind Faehigkeiten, die ich mir selbst nicht zuschreiben kann – aber diesem Team! Sie sind einfach faszinierend im Breakdance on Dubstep und das auch noch synchronisiert! Besonders gefallen mir die fastforward und slomo moves, sowie die Wechsel zwischen eben diesen. Und was die Mucke angeht: Dubstep loest bei mir haeufig einfach nur ein innerliches Grinsen aus. In diesem Fall inbesondere das Stueck von Minute 3 bis 4… Continue reading

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