Let’s experiment a little. There was one thing in the game mechanics I was not very happy with: If you buy a share that not many people hold and nobody else is going to buy, your profit should be very small. But if your trade starts a trend on the market – let’s say you buy and several other investors follow your example, you should get the best prices in average. Same thing with selling: if a lot of people hold a stock and you are the first to sell, you should get better prices than those who decide to sell last. I hope to bring more fluctuation on the market and make your decision depending on the trend you expect to see in the future. Of course this will most likely work best with more players, but let’s give it a try now anyway, shall we?

One side effect of this will also be that teams which already went out of the competition and not many people are likely to be interested in are a great risk to buy, because the sell price will only increase if players follow your example. Otherwise the price might even go down, as the buy price is considerably lower now.

Further modifications in this version:

  • Fixed a bug: when you sell your complete depot of a share, you were still counted as an investor. This will be adjusted with the next trade each team (only then, because those numbers are only calculated when trading).
  • Number of investors are now displayed (this information is important to you so you can make a decision with the changes above)
  • Switched position of the tabs “Depot” and “History”, which increased performance (the history loads slower than the depot because it contains more entries and will now only be pre-loaded once you switch one tab to the depot).
  • The history now shows the last 100 trade entries when entering the tab. You can load more (if available) by scrolling all the way down.
  • The history graph shows the same amount of items that are in the list. Which means it will show up to 100 past trades now (before it was 20). If you scroll down the list of items before and more items are loaded, the graph will display them as well.
  • Performance has been increased on all list views.

Please comment on the changes, no matter if you feel they make the game better, worse or not very different at all… Thanks and let’s see how the market develops now with so many teams out of the competition.