I know i do. Well, not just at home. I am also at work, but its basically the same thing: there is a desk, a computer and i am sitting in my chair in front of that. Sitting, sitting, sitting. What i am doing might change depending on where I am, but no matter what that might be, i am sitting. That is why once every couple of hours i need a little inspiration to imagine I am doing things outside of the digital world and on my feet. Inspiration that might make me think “Hey, that’s EXACTLY what I always wanted to do!!” – and hopefully I am going to do that too later that week.

So i did what everyone would do nowadays: I went online (while sitting) and I was looking for awesome inspirational videos. I ended up with a handful of adventurous outdoor activity clips… interestingly, every one of those is showcasing some people going downhill in one way or the other (what that means is to be interpreted by YOU).

First one is the Freebord A-Team in Austria. Couple of dudes on boards rushing down the streets of the alps. Mixed with great choice of music, this makes me forget about the danger that this might involve. Especially watching the guy without protective gear and the clothes like a tent. You will know who I mean when watching it. But i am not here to give a lecture on safety here. I get the picture. It is about style too. Somehow you will get the feeling nothing would ever go wrong anyway and enjoy just the ride.

Go to Vimeo and check out their other clips as well. There is more amazing stuff to be found…

Next up an even more dangerous looking but awesome take on outdoor activities. Riding mountain bikes down narrow hillsides around canyons in Utah. Whoohoo! My back hurts just by watching Matt Collins and Tyler Knoles jumping down the rocks at high speed. But have you seen the amazing bikes they got? Check out their clip called “dirt spineology” and drool over their equipment (no homo).

Last but not least a shocking clip of a skier getting hit by an avalanche… recorded from his helmet cam! Amazing job of the guys who dug him out that quickly! Not exactly an activity for MY next weekend, but an awesome find nevertheless.

Well, I don’t know about you but I am inspired to go out now… kthxbai.