I never buy bottled water. Except the occasional beer, wine or whisky that comes in recyclable glass, I am barely buying any plastic bottles at all (and I am practically never buying cans of any kind neither). I might have a slight advantage though: I don’t like Cola, Fanta, Sprite very much, but… I probably can NOT live without sparkling water. The bubbles are soo refreshing and soothing for my stomach, its almost a relieve to drink it.

Before I go to the store to get tons of bottles every week though, I got myself one of those Sodastreams a while ago and am now able to create water with gas from tap water myself. It is cheap, healthy (you need to keep the bottles clean for that though), extremely simple and practical, because you have to only get a new CO2 tank once in a while (which are being refilled and reused). Even if you are addicted to sodas, there are sirups that can be added after preparing the water to turn it into cola, tonic water, fanta, sprite and similar drinks. So please explain to me, why anyone with access to clean tap water would still buy water in bottles!

And please read more on the problems with bottled water in the article ‘Bottled & Sold: The Story Behind Our Obsession With Bottled Water‘.