Its a matter of minutes now. I will put up the new release today and boy, have I been working or what? The game mechanics have changed… almost entirely! Especially the buy and sell price calculation and also that the price changes depending on the volume that has been traded. I think I won’t go into too much detail here, because I would prefer you to try out the mechanics and see if they work for you and let me know about it (also interesting for me: if you understand them).

For questions or curiosity about their details you can reach me as well by posting a comment here or on twitter @kicktradegame.

And you will have to update your client this time or you will not reach the server.

More changes besides the entire buy/sell mechanics included in this update are:

  • The history graph is now zoomable and scrollable
  • You can share your rank and networth (for example on twitter) via a button from the ranking
  • Button and list item clicks have visual feedback
  • Fast scrolling on the history now shows the correct format of sections
  • Going back to the market from a trade reloads the list
  • Users see how many shares all investors have of one stock
  • The API does not publish unused values anymore (sorry, tbx!)