The following changes have been just activated:

  • Night mode: The buy and sell prices will not be adjusted during the night between 0:00 and 6:00. That means that they stay fixed like they have been at 23:59 until 6:00. If someone makes a trade during that time the prices will be reset and adjustments follow from 6:00 on as usual. This should prevent those who make trades first on a day to make the best deals and distort the price development.
  • Sell price threshold: The sell price can never rise more than the actual price plus the number of investors. This should make it more risky to buy stock that most likely nobody else is interested in as you cannot just wait for the price to raise anymore (although a little profit can still be made if you dare).
  • New Price calculations on buy: Before, the bank only considered existing investors and shares (including you if you had already some shares) to calculate the average volume of all shareholders. If you bought more than that average, the price has been adjusted to the buy price. If you bought less, the price was adjusted by the percentage of what you bought compared to the average holder’s volume. Now you and your new buy volume is included in the calculation of that average volume.