Since I got my hands on my own computer for the first time (Atari 1040STF in 1986) i was fascinated by the fact that you are able to get sounds out of it. Unfortunately, this hobby fell asleep a couple of years ago. However, I am still coming back to those roots as a Home-DJ once in a while and whether i mix some vinyls or mp3s, i publish those mixes usually on some internet radio station, on Facebook or just sending them to friends so they have something to listen to while being at work.

Now i collected the most popular mixes i have done in the past few years on this blog. You are able to listen to or download them in the new Music section and I really hope you will have some constructive criticism.

P.S.: I remembered that put this blog up and running already one year ago and nearly never posted anything – this is going to change hopefully and why not start by putting some new mixes…

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