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Game Review: Venetica

Scarlett has some nice combo combat moves - some of them are realized in bullet time.

I would like to present to you a nice find of the german game kitchen. The first time I discovered some information about it was quite a while ago in a game developers magazine called Making Games. They presented Deck13 from Frankfurt/Main who was working at that point on an action role playing game called ‘Venetica’ and has received already a few national developer prices for its series of ‘Ankh‘. What immediately caught my eye was the level of detail they put into the animation, facial expression and clothing of the female protagonist character ‘Scarlett’. I knew at that point that i had to play this game, but by its release on 4. September 2009 it went somehow forgotten to me again.

When I actually got my hands on it one year after (it was winter by that time), I really felt like diving into a fantastic story that reveals the potential to take me away from the gray, cold days. Now that i finished it a few weeks a go, here is what i liked and disliked about the game… Continue reading

Battlefield 3 – Fault Line 12 Minutes Gameplay Trailer Released

DICE/EA has kept us waiting for long enough now and according to their tweets the development of Battlefield 3 is making great progress. Now they have released the full 12 minutes trailer of which we have already seen most parts in their previous releases – but now in a consecutive story line with a few scenes that have not been shown before…

The most impressive would be the earthquake in the end followed by some more sneak preview scenes that make your jaw drop. I feel totally immersed into the atmosphere – especially I love those majestic sound effects!

Cant wait to see some multiplayer now… this truly seems to get epic!


From Dust

It just so happens once in a while that i just accidentally come across a new game that is going to be released soon, of which i have never heart before but which seems to have a lot of potential to catch my attention in the long run. One of those games is “From Dust” which is the working title of a new Ubisoft game by Eric Chahi. It is a god game, where you (the god) are in control of some natural elements (in this case sand, lava, water and vegetation) to form the world for the human inhabitants by preventing disasters, creating living space or causing havoc (probably like many god games where Populous was the first i remember playing). Why am i mentioning this game after we have played so many other similar games already until exhaustion? Well, it is definitely the art style of this one that fascinated me. There is not much info on the gameplay as of now, but i can see a lot of potential there. Basically i just wanted to let you know that i will keep my eye on this game. Release date is somewhere around summer 2011. I just hope that it will not fail to fulfill my expectations as Black & White did some time ago. Even though i am not much into this kind of games anymore, i can imagine that it would be relaxing to play one of those endless single player modes all by myself for a change (there is no multiplayer announced). I am impatiently now waiting for more details on the gameplay itself and see what it turns into…

I found this video of an early game engine demo:


Another teaser with similar clips from the demo plus some pictures can be found on the official homepage.

There is also an interview with its creator Eric about the ideas behind the game on youtube:


Exoskeleton for your Gaming Needs

I couldnt help but smiling throughout the whole reading of this product’s description: Razer announces a sci-fi glove thingy ‘Razer Talon’ where you put your fingers into some sensors and by your ten finger’s movement it is supposed to increase your APM (Actions Per Minute) up to some mad 3.000! That would be about 10x more than pro gamers and around 30x more than average gamers. Although APM is especially important in games like starcraft (which i am not so interested in currently), i find this product really cool. There is even an option to set the glove to “massage” mode where the input becomes an output, relaxing your worn off hands in between matches! Just fantastic idea!! But then again, it is 1st April today…

[via Razer]

If you are not familiar with APM then you should check out this south korean master in starcraft telling you what it is:


Battlefield 3 – Fault Line Episode 3

And now we are allowed to take a glimpse at the third part of the cleverly released chunks of awe from DICE…


The previously released parts:
Episode 1
Episode 2

Battlefield 3 – Fault Line Episode 2

I do not want to loose to many words about it. After the teaser and the first part of this episode, DICE/EA has now released the sequel of their trailers of Battlefield 3. And it looks awesome and sounds just amazing. Watch:


In case you missed it, here is Episode 1.

Lag: A tale of high latency

This animated short does not require any comment, except that if you are a gamer, you know how this guy feels… I am particularly haunted since a few months as my provider (Cablecom) has decided to sell a lot more bandwidth on my node than they are actually able to offer – giving me a ping of 2.8 seconds in peak hours!!


Battlefield 3 – Fault Line Episode 1

In case you thought the Teaser a couple of days ago was too short, here is a longer version:


Battlefield 3 Ingame Teaser Released

As you might know, the Battlefield series has been the favorite multiplayer game for me and my friends since day one. Currently we are playing Bad Company 2 (including Vietnam expansion) and i even have a facebook app/community page with 17.500+ people at

This year in fall Battlefield 3 is going to be released and rumours on twitter aside on how awesome it will be, now there is a teaser where you can have a first glance at the ingame atmosphere and graphics. I must admit, my jaw dropped and i had to watch it like 5 times in row to believe what i am seeing. I would have to get some proper equipment to be able to play it though.

I was thinking of getting myself 2x nvidia 580 graphic cards to be able to play on 3 monitors this month – but now i am thinking to wait a bit for the next generation of nvidia cards to be able to play bf3 on 3 screens properly as well…


What Video Game System Should I Own?

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