Portal 2 E3 Demo

After i saw the teaser at AUSSERTECH.labz i looked for some more info on the Portal 2, which has been announced for 2011. I loved the first one so immediately went hunting the netz for more info and I found the E3 Demo on Youtube. Some of you might know the indie game TAG and will recognize some inspiration for portal 2’s new puzzle gimmicks.

Uplifting Tunes

Since I got my hands on my own computer for the first time (Atari 1040STF in 1986) i was fascinated by the fact that you are able to get sounds out of it. Unfortunately, this hobby fell asleep a couple of years ago. However, I am still coming back to those roots as a Home-DJ once in a while and whether i mix some vinyls or mp3s, i publish those mixes usually on some internet radio station, on Facebook or just sending them to friends so they have something to listen to while being at work.

Now i collected the most popular mixes i have done in the past few years on this blog. You are able to listen to or download them in the new Music section and I really hope you will have some constructive criticism.

P.S.: I remembered that put this blog up and running already one year ago and nearly never posted anything – this is going to change hopefully and why not start by putting some new mixes…

Howto convince MacOSX Time Machine to backup on Samba Network Share (Win/Linux)

This evening i was trying out how to use Time Machine on my Mac. Unfortunately I am kind of short on external harddrives at the moment. Here is the full list of steps i did to make my Mac surrender and actually backup over the network onto my windows network share…

  1. Create a read/write windows network share on the target system.
  2. Mount the network share in your mac.
  3. Open a terminal in mac and enter “defaults write com.apple.systempreferences TMShowUnsupportedNetworkVolumes 1” – this makes Time Machine accept non-local, non-HFS drives…
  4. Open Time Machine and voila: you see the network share.
  5. Select the network share and wait for the backup process to start. Observe the network share and copy the filename which is created by Time Machine, since we want to create this file for it. The process will end with an error. I found out that Time Machine is unable to create the so-called sparsebundle file.
  6. Open “Disk Utility” on the Mac and create a new image.
  7. Save your new image with the filename like the one created by Time Machine. The name should be something like “ComputerName_MACAddress.sparsebundle”. ATTENTION: The MACAddress HAS to be the MACAddress of the Ethernet, no matter which interface you use for backup. I was trying the backup over wifi and Time Machine created a file with the wifi MACAddress. For some reason this doesnt work. Its possible to backup over wifi, but use the Ethernet MACAddress in the filename. The volume name however can be whatever you like. Custom volume size must be the last value set.
  8. Change partition to “No Partition Map”
  9. Change Image Format to “Sparce Bundle Disk Image”
  10. Set “Custom Volume size” to the maximum you want to use on your remote location. Dont worry, as your Mac doesnt have to have the required space available you can choose whatever is available on your network share.
  11. Save the image and move it to the network share.
  12. Start the Time Machine process again.
Voila! My backup seems to be running now (around 2% finished) and i will keep it running over night. In case anything goes wrong i will write it here. If you have any trouble, feel free to contact me… good luck!

Blog online

I just finished the installation of the wordpress blog on my local server. Lets see how it behaves. The administration and themes already look pretty nice and easy to use. Now looking for a shared calendar functionality… maybe i will get lucky with the available plugins.

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