As you might know, the Battlefield series has been the favorite multiplayer game for me and my friends since day one. Currently we are playing Bad Company 2 (including Vietnam expansion) and i even have a facebook app/community page with 17.500+ people at

This year in fall Battlefield 3 is going to be released and rumours on twitter aside on how awesome it will be, now there is a teaser where you can have a first glance at the ingame atmosphere and graphics. I must admit, my jaw dropped and i had to watch it like 5 times in row to believe what i am seeing. I would have to get some proper equipment to be able to play it though.

I was thinking of getting myself 2x nvidia 580 graphic cards to be able to play on 3 monitors this month – but now i am thinking to wait a bit for the next generation of nvidia cards to be able to play bf3 on 3 screens properly as well…