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ISS: Flying over planet earth in timelapse

This HD video of the view from the International Space Station down on earth gave me a very intense realization of how it must be like up there. Its like a long distance night flight on a plane – just bazillion times more awesome. I am curious to see more footage but preferable in real time. As impressive as this clip is, everything is just going by too fast for me to really enjoy it. So if you know a place where to get more video, let me know! Although i can imagine its quite complicated: the images seem to been taken with an extremely long exposure time (observe how intense the sunlight gets), otherwise the amazing glow in the atmosphere would not have been that visible. The surface (where there are no city lights) and clouds seem to be very well illuminated by the moon (plus the mentioned long exposure takes care of their visibility). I am wondering where on earth that is, what we are seeing here…

What A Year On Earth Really Looks Like

Do you really know how the earth is spinning around the sun? There is a lot going on there to create climate changes and seasons of different lengths and intensities on the different places on earth. I was not aware how many factors count into the equation if you want to calculate the exact length of a year… A nice scientific explanation in under 10mins:


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