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Cablecom is the shit

My provider (Cablecom) is the most crappiest experience i ever had using internet and i have tried AOL 30 days in the 90s… Ok, they sell you 100Mbit by now, and maybe you might get that kind of speed between 4am and 6am but the latency is making the connection useless 22 hours per day: playing games, VoIP calls and streaming videos is absolutely impossible especially during rush hours (from 17h00 to 1h00). And lets be honest, what else do you need the internet for? And when?!

Its not a single occurrence either. This has been going like that since November last year. Sure, it has been ok once in a while, but i feel that every time you actually need the latency-free connection, it starts behaving like THAT:

Normal would be ±12ms to a server of that distance.

And yeah i tried already all kinds of shit: connecting with cable, connecting without router, rebooting, switching cables, using windows, macosx and ubuntu – nothing ever works. And when it comes to asking support about whats going on i just get answers like i should send them a speedtest log, use their speed-tool for windows to increase my connection’s performance or check my antivirus – well whatever… No i am not downloading on 3 computers from p2p while trying to skype! No, i am not even using a firewall. Just admit that you just sold more bandwidth in my neighborhood than you can provide and lets finally upgrade the connection accordingly or at least downgrade all of our speeds to a decent degree so everyone can enjoy their crappy connection without latency. 100Mbit my ass! I need responsiveness!! Dammit!

Howto make webpages readable again

Most websites today are full of ads, links, pictures and stuff that distract you from their actual content you would like to read. That’s why I try to keep this blog as clean and minimalistic as possible. And that’s why there is a browser plugin called “Readability”.

Check out:​experiments/​readability

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