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NZ road safety ad

I came across this road safety ad about a year ago and apparently wanted to post it here but forgot. Now I found it in my drafts and watched it again. I still think the idea is brilliant, since it gets the message across very effectively without the shocking blood and gore – so let’s finally put it up here!

Italian donkey: What time is it?

The current weather makes me want to just lie down in the sun and do literally nothing. I wouldn’t move a bit. Neither does this guy…

José González – Heartbeat (Sony BRAVIA Color Like No Other Ad)

I know: it is old. I know: everyone has probably seen it. Get off my case! Somehow it came up at work today – i guess it was because of the second hack but i am not sure. In any case, I realized that i haven’t honored this piece by posting it on my blog yet (and I can’t stop asking myself why i haven’t done so before). Why do I? Because I also know: it is awesome! There are three things about it that make it worth watching over and over again:

1. It is not one of those obvious mind manipulating advertisement for some crappy product nobody wants but an emotional short clip that has nothing to do with the product in the first place.

2. It was NOT computer generated, to my surprise – because when I first saw it, I thought it was.

3. The song is just pure gold, thanks to José González and even without the clip worth listening to.

Overall, I might even go so far as to claim this to be the best advertisement I have ever seen. Sure there are some pretty funny heineken spots out there. But without being funny, good ads are rare and therefor ads are to be avoided altogether… Well, except like I said: this piece of art! Check out the making of, to see the idea behind it and most importantly: the firing of the ball cannons yourself:

PS: Did I mention that I find the song just beau-ti-ful?!

ISS: Flying over planet earth in timelapse

This HD video of the view from the International Space Station down on earth gave me a very intense realization of how it must be like up there. Its like a long distance night flight on a plane – just bazillion times more awesome. I am curious to see more footage but preferable in real time. As impressive as this clip is, everything is just going by too fast for me to really enjoy it. So if you know a place where to get more video, let me know! Although i can imagine its quite complicated: the images seem to been taken with an extremely long exposure time (observe how intense the sunlight gets), otherwise the amazing glow in the atmosphere would not have been that visible. The surface (where there are no city lights) and clouds seem to be very well illuminated by the moon (plus the mentioned long exposure takes care of their visibility). I am wondering where on earth that is, what we are seeing here…

Processing this Week (26@2011)


This week’s top creativity inspiration for me goes to the people of Cyclecide. Those guys are plain awesome when it comes to the ‘just-do-this-thing’ mentality. I like the spirit and the circus appeal. Just would love to see them traveling around the country too… Continue reading

Behind the scenes: The Hobbit

Shooting of The Hobbit started and Peter Jackson just released a first look behind the scenes, or to be precise: onto some of the sets and the wardrobe. I kind of forgot that he tried to start working on that movie until today but i immediately got curious about it, especially because i have actually been reading the book when i was a kid…

The movie is going to be released in two parts: the firtst 19. december 2012 and part two somewhere december 2013.


More information on The Hobbit on Wikipedia and IMBD.

Lag: A tale of high latency

This animated short does not require any comment, except that if you are a gamer, you know how this guy feels… I am particularly haunted since a few months as my provider (Cablecom) has decided to sell a lot more bandwidth on my node than they are actually able to offer – giving me a ping of 2.8 seconds in peak hours!!


What A Year On Earth Really Looks Like

Do you really know how the earth is spinning around the sun? There is a lot going on there to create climate changes and seasons of different lengths and intensities on the different places on earth. I was not aware how many factors count into the equation if you want to calculate the exact length of a year… A nice scientific explanation in under 10mins:


The Saga Of Biorn

“Biôrn, an old Viking, is determined to reach Valhalla, the warrior’s afterlife full of excessive drinking and debauchery. To gain entry he has to die honorably in battle, but he discovers that the right death isn’t so easy.”

Frank the Tank

Some guys wanted to go on a road trip and bought a mini-van for 300$ but they never left the parking lot… here is why:

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